The new headliner is here!

Based on the mighty Lamborghini Urus, labelled the MD1, this is the first project that MARIUS DESIGNHAUS is unveiling.

The complete bodykit, without a doubt, manages to improve on the design of the Italian bull and becomes an impressive sight to behold. MARIUS DESIGNHAUS has brought together the aggressive design language with the Italian unmistakable style and class, resulting in one of the best looking cars on the road, a car designed to turn heads.



Produced in Europe, every part of the MD1 bodykit created by MARIUS DESIGNHAUS is built in ultra-light, high-end carbon fiber, through state-of-the-art technology.

MARIUS DESIGNHAUS is bringing on the market unprecedented quality and materials, using aeronautical grade carbon fiber prepreg. Some parts of the bodykit have a Nomex honeycomb core, used only by the finest hypersport car manufacturers, as well as stainless steel AISI316 inserts for a life-lasting product. Even the screws used are titanium grade 5 (aeronautical quality), this is the exceptional attention to detail that MARIUS DESIGNHAUS has. The bumpers are manufactured in a mix of carbon fiber and zylon, to support shocks. Zylon is an evolution of Kevlar, far stronger. Used by the F1 teams, now, for the first time, MARIUS DESIGNHAUS is bringing this technology to the tuning industry.

MARIUS DESIGNHAUS engineers worked together with the design team to obtain a versatile bodykit that can be configured in multiple ways, every new piece fitting perfectly with the original ones.

Starting from the front, the MD1 features a completely redesigned front bumper, an aggressive front lip, a new bonnet, and custom covers for the side mirrors. The front fenders are completely modified and present a new design for the side air vents, complemented by stylish covers. As well as the fenders, the wheel arches are redesigned in a unique way, a trademark for MARIUS DESIGNHAUS. The back wheel arches feature the same styling as the front ones, being joint together by the new side skirt. At the back of the car we discover a completely new back bumper and diffuser, with a simple, but effective cover for the back air outtakes. MARIUS DESIGNHAUS team has created two beautiful spoilers, one mounted on the tailgate, and one on the roof. Also on the roof you can find two fins, joining together the front and the back of the car, completing the exquisite design of the MD1.